Insurance Claims

Making sense of the paperwork behind filing a new insurance claim can be hard, and the added stress is there especially since we use insurance in the times we need it most.

We can fix that. We provide a brief guide on what to expect filing insurance claims. The process is usually simple and we can have an expert and detailed opinion on your coverage options.

Insurance requires a team that can provide accredited and detailed engineering and adjuster services, from estimates, structural damage reports to meeting your adjuster one-on-one, the Redfish Roofing Company has you and your insurance covered.

It starts with knowing your coverage.

The Redfish Roofing guide to understanding how to get your homeowner’s insurance to pay for a roof replacement when you need it the most in 4 easy to follow steps.

We can take our roof for granted—until a storm, fallen tree, or even those pesky neighborhood squirrels make a mess of things.

If you notice damage to your roof, you’ll want to submit a homeowners insurance claim to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

However, it might not be clear where to start.

Step 1: Know your insurance coverages.

When a disaster or damage happens, it’s time to review your homeowner’s policy – we conveniently provide the homeowner’s insurance portals for Allstate, Statefarm and Geico for you to help. Contact us if you have trouble understanding how to find your homeowner’s insurance policies.

These policies can be glanced over very easily, but a bit of research can help guide your financial decisions about roofing repairs. Your insurance agent may be able to assist you as well.

Step 2: Start documenting the damage and start the claims process.

Once you’ve identified that your roof’s damage is potentially covered under your homeowners insurance (or you expect it could be,) the next step is to begin to document the damage. You’re gonna want photos, lots of them —not only of the outside damage, but also of the interior of your home.

However, if you can’t assess all the damage safely, call an experienced roofing company for an inspection—you’re better off safe than sorry. We can assist you with an estimate at your location with an experienced team to identify if coverage is possible.

Insurance companies use specific methods to determine whether damage is covered, we can climb the ladder so you don’t have to and provide the crystal clear opinion on what your potential options are.

3. Research Roofing Companies and Hire the Most Reputable

Once you have submitted a roof insurance claim, you need to seek out a reputable roofing company with insurance claims experience to perform a roofing inspection.

We can assess damage and provide a report for your insurance agency. If you don’t hire professionals for the inspection, your insurance company may pay someone to inspect the roof on their behalf. Because this third-party inspector is sent on behalf of the insurance agency, they may try to find any reason to deny your claim. However, by taking charge and hiring us, your own inspectors, you give yourself the best chance to get your insurance to pay for your roof repairs.

A reputable roofing company will replace your roof correctly —without causing more damage or charging you an unreasonable amount. If you choose roofers with a poor (or no) reputation, then your future insurance claims could actually be denied due to improper previous installations.

4. Take the Appropriate Next Steps in Your Roof Replacement Claim

After you submit your insurance claim and enlist a roofing company to offer supporting evidence, your insurance company has the discretion to make a decision. After their allotted time frame (usually about 15 days), the insurance agent will let you know if your claim was approved or denied. If they deny your claim, you can appeal the decision. These procedures differ by insurance company, so make sure to consult your insurance agent for guidance.

If your roofing claim is approved, you’ll be able to start working with your chosen contractors to complete your new roof installation. Once your roof is replaced, we recommend that you get it inspected regularly. Not only will routine maintenance keep your roof in great condition, but it’ll make future roofing claims easier to get approved since you’ll have both written reports and photos noting the past condition of the roof.

If your roofing claim is denied or less than expected, we can even provide legal services and private adjuster counseling to take the fight by the horns. We can make sure the valuation of your damages is paid to suit the true needs of your home without the hassle of appeals and denials.

In short, we make insurance easy.

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