With Red Fish Roofing, we think estimates and inspections should be free.

We also think a proper inspection cannot be done without a ladder.


Roof and Gutter Cleaning

A clogged gutter system can pool water and cause thousands of dollars in damage over time. Red Fish Roofing provides a service where an inspection can be provided to see where you may need cleaning.

Estimates and Quotes

We offer an absolutely competitive quoting and pricing service that masters the 3 things that matter most: time, quality and price. Our upfront quoting process is state-of-the-art using drones, AI and the industry best in knowledge of engineering, not just roofing.

Maintenance Inspections

Been away for a while? We can help you find where your roof needs attention or repairs and we are available to come to your location. Our team is backed by expert knowledge and want to get on your roof today!

Maintenance Visits

Roof maintenance consists of caulking around the roof jacks, furnace stacks and pipe penetrations. This eliminates water entering your home. We remove raised nails and apply fresh sealant to all maintenance points and supply our customers with full documentation backed by superb service.

Case Studies

Case Study A

Meet the Microscopic Pest that Leaves a Giant Mess:

Blue-Green Algae

If you drive down virtually any residential street in the U.S. or Canada, there’s a chance you’ll see at least one roof stained with black or dark brown streaks.

Many homeowners mistake these stains for mold, mildew, moss, or even tree sap. They’re often actually caused by tiny bacteria called Gloeocapsa magma, AKA “blue-green algae.” When you see the dark stains, you’re looking not at the algae, but at the hard, dark coating it generates to protects itself from damaging UV rays.

Prevention: Certain metal ions, like copper and zinc, can help prevent algae growth. Copper and zinc strips are sometimes installed at the roof ridge, where rainwater will pick up the algae-preventing ions and distribute them on the roof. This is not the most effective method, since algae doesn’t rely on rain to find moisture. In fact, it can feed on the moisture from humidity and morning dew. A more effective preventative is copper-containing granules like those found in GAF StainGuard® Shingles.

View more on GAF’s official website.

Case Study B

Red Fish Roofing Companies’ Most Wanted Critters:


Squirrel damage to homes includes chewed up decking, shingles, and fascia boards in your roof as they retreat to the dry warmth of your attic. Once inside, the squirrel can wreak havoc if left alone to nest.

Prevention: Now that the squirrels are gone, and theholes are patched, how do you keep squirrels off your roof and out of your attic? Red Fish Roofing uses modern technology from directly within the attic to find any signs or daylight, and once we’ve identified the damaged areas, we will make the necessary repairs to stop any intruding vermin.

View more on GAF’s official website.

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